February 4 horoscope sign sagittarius or sagittarius

Take a light approach to the energy today, and you may even enjoy plenty of romance! Just be careful about sensitive feelings. Your focus turns to home and family as the moon enters Sagittarius. It's a complicated day as your ruling planet Venus opposes hazy Neptune. You're in a low-energy mood, and your daily routine is frustrating you. Communication kicks up when the moon enters fire sign Sagittarius tonight. It's a tricky time for your social life—you have to be delicate and intentional about the choices you make, and watch out for gossip as Venus opposes Neptune.

A romantic energy flows, but it's important you stay grounded in reality. The moon enters Sagittarius, finding you reflecting on your finances. You're in a sensitive, nostalgic mood today as Venus opposes Neptune. Romance is in the air, but so is insecurity.

Find ways to stay grounded: do some journaling, and get in touch with your element, fire, by meditating by candlelight. The moon enters your sign tonight, inspiring you to sit with your emotions. It's a tricky day for communication as Venus opposes Neptune—people are feeling sensitive and moody. A weepy love letter or some outlandish gossip may come your way. The moon enters Sagittarius tonight, illuminating a very private sector of your chart and encouraging you to tap Into your intuition.

It's a tricky day for finances as Venus opposes hazy Neptune—watch out for impulse spending, and step back from any important investments. The moon enters Sagittarius tonight, inspiring you to connect with friends and network. Enjoy your social life, but keep your eye on your wallet!

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It's a confusing day for your relationships, Pisces—things are wonderfully romantic, but there's still a sensitive or even insecure energy flowing as Venus opposes Neptune. Take things lightly. If you're unsure where your partnerships are headed, know that you're right on track!

The moon enters Sagittarius, asking you to reflect on your career goals. A lazy energy flows as Venus opposes hazy Neptune—make time to meditate, enjoy art, and catch up on rest, and watch out for jealousy or even paranoia. An exciting journey begins as the moon enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius tonight. Hearts tend to be a little heavy with this influence. Take care of yours by giving yourself the compassionate understanding you crave. Mercury conjunct Neptune is no walk in the park, at least not one that will end up getting you anywhere. Mercury and Neptune together get high on ideals, reality be damned.

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This is not good astrology to make definitive plans under, if at all avoidable, but as we all know, life waits for no astrology. Do what you can to listen to, and act on, the doubts that whisper in your ear, double check details and get second and twenty second opinions when possible. Mercury not only conjuncts Neptune today, but it also enters its pre-retrograde shadow period. This means that it will station retrograde on March 5th and travel all the way back here, where it stations direct on March 28th.

Conjunct Neptune. It will be a wild retrograde to be sure, but for now we can focus on the fact that what happens today and from here on out will be returned to, reviewed, reworked, returned to sender. Welcome to Pisces Season. With the sun in the transcendent waters of the fishes, and Mars slumbering away in Taurus, the season starts off slowly.

The full moon lights up the skies tomorrow and the swell of emotions might be swirling today, so keep it simple with what feels overly complicated.

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Sagittarius Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

We really appreciate it and you! Aligning myself with the people, places, and actions that bring me closer to my dreams is my main priority. There are a million distractions, doubts, and fears to get caught up in daily. There are a million ways in which I have been taught to devalue my vision, to denigrate it, to convince myself that I am not the answer to it as much as it is to me. But my destiny is to be met on a two-way street. It needs me to make room for it every day. Aligning myself with what I most want to manifest is something I have to consciously do.

Enthusiastically if possible. Honestly, always. If I am being truthful, when unchecked I will tend to grasp for what might make my ego momentarily happy. A place. A thing. A person. An idea of success, love, or acceptance. I want the glimmer to be inner, first and foremost.

Taurus: April 21 - May 21

The dreams that are unreasonably persistent, pestering me constantly, refusing to let me rest, are part of a divine plan I have no right to refuse. My talents will never fail me if I am committed to developing them in service of something greater than my own self-interest.

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  7. Not one of my professional goals is too outlandish to achieve if I am willing to do the inner and outer work necessary to see them succeed. As long as I am developing a deeper relationship to my talents, their needs, and the ways in which they want to be manifested in the world, I can trust in my pursuit of them. To refuse my dreams is to refuse the best, and most unruly parts of me. Pursuing my purpose should and will upend some part my life. It will stretch my soul. Walk me right into my doubts. Gather my fears and serve them to me on a platter.

    It is then my precious duty to push them aside, put them in perspective, or put them to work, because I have committed to my professional pursuits and nothing will dissuade me from them. I give myself the gift of honesty. I am clear about what I want. I mince no words with myself. I hold nothing back about the details of where I hope to go, what I aim to experience along the way, and what I am dedicated to serving come clear skies or grey. I take my goals seriously but know that achieving them requires a sense of humor. An appreciation for irony. A love of mythology. With this new moon I make plans for my future without shame for how big they are, how far from my current reality they may seem, and without devaluing my ability to make them a reality.

    I am certain that 6 months from now I will have made major headway, been able to experience the benefits of my efforts, and have grown into the challenges I set for myself. With that in mind I pick the goals that will demand from me a bigger heart, a broader consciousness, and a deeper commitment to what rings true for me. Choosing the right goals for this moment immediately brings me half of the success I seek. The success of my collaborations depend on my ability to parse out my true desires from my lowered expectations.