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In astrology and the horoscope, each zodiac sign represents a character, a tendency, which affects any celestial body therein. The planets express what happens, the Houses where it happens, the aspects why , and the zodiac signs how.

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Every planet moves through the zodiac signs with very differing speed , and changes character according to what sign it occupies at the moment. The planets are the acting forces in the horoscope, but the zodiac signs nuance and alter their character.

Bulls get the reputation of being stubborn, but they're not always stuck in their ways. This searching sign is willing to see another point of view, but they won't flip-flop on an opinion just to make someone else happy.

They will shift their thinking only if they truly have a change of heart. Not everything is as it seems today!

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Talk to a psychic now to know more. With a rep as one of the hardest-working signs in the Zodiac, a Bull is never afraid to roll up those sleeves and get to work, and won't blink an eye at pulling an all-nighter to get the job done.

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But it's not all work for Taurus. Anchored by the earth, this passionate sign is all about sensuality, and is always seeking out pleasure.

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Whether they're indulging in luxurious massages, spending hours in bed with their lover, or going on a long run, Taureans love feeling present in their body and frequently need to get in touch with their physical self. When it comes to love, Taureans are all about honesty, which is why a first date with a Bull may resemble a job interview.

They're not being rude—they're built for partnerships and are simply trying to see if you're a good fit at the start. And once you begin dating a Taurus, forget about white lies. When someone suggests something that doesn't sound like much fun to you today, it's fine to voice Your healthy confidence has been sending a message to people, and it is one of reliability.

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While you'll be dragging a bit today, someone else's boundless energy will inspire you to keep If you have been feeling burdened lately—either by a family obligation or by a work assignment, Lately you have been pleasing a lot people and making a major impact without even really trying Things are moving to a deeper level in one of your somewhat shallower friendships, and the two of Sometimes when you plan your life too narrowly, you end up making dangerous assumptions.

To avoid This is a very expansive day, and pretty much anything is possible.